Exciting proposals for £340k investment in Scottish Borders playground

The investment proposals for a new playground in Harestanes County Park in Scotland is moving forward, as the project is only waiting for planning consent. The Scottish Borders Council is accomplishing a full reform of the region’s park, a project that is expected to last around four years and counts with a £3.1m budget.

The planning department of the said council has already received the proposals for carrying out the project, which is waiting for approval. In case of being approved, the Harestanes County new playground would be expected to be finished by next year’s spring. The design of the playground will be borne by Wicksteed Leisure, a firm based in Northamptonshire, the leading commercial playground manufacturer in the United Kingdom.

A spokesperson of the firm has stated that the design has been specially created for this specific playground, based not only on the beautiful sceneries the Harestanes County Park has to offer but also on the town of Jedburgh. The firm has combined the stunning natural environment of the park with the rich history in the town to create a unique and magnificent playground as there is no other of the kind.

The aim of this project is to create an educational and imaginative space for the pleasure of children of many different ages. By mixing multi-sensory textures and landscaped features, they are planning to create a perfect outdoor play equipment environment for any kid. Moreover, all the materials are chosen to resist the impact of water, a very important feature considering the kind of whether it is going to be exposed to, and safety surfacing, to ensure the security of every single one of the users.

But no everything is going to be planned around the playing area. This new project is much more ambitious than that. Moreover, it seeks to create a space for the whole family to enjoy. A place where parents will want to bring their children. Thus, the park will also have a quiet zone and a storytelling area to reduce all the energy kids will have after playing with the huge variety of constructions of the playing area. Apart from this, an amphitheatre is going to be built in one of the sides of the park.

And for the smallest ones of the family, there will be an agility trial and a toddler’s play garden, where the safety of the kids is the first thing in mind. The project to spend £3.1m to build new parks and renovate the existing ones was approved by the council in May 2018, which included the investment for the Harestanes Park, that is now closer than ever to become real.

But the Harestanes County Park playground project is just a part of the initiative carried out by the Scottish Borders Council, whose main purpose is to reform existing parks and open some new and bigger ones in the region. Some of the playgrounds planned who already received the planning approval of the Council is even finished at the time. The regions of Oxton and Galashiels have received the openings of their brand-new playgrounds with joy. More parks are expected to be completed during the next few months and to open its doors during the spring of next year.